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What is the Best Young Driver Road Safety Championship?

The Best Young Driver contest is an annual road safety championship organized by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) through its affiliate partners such as AA Kenya. 

This championship aims to encourage young, aspiring drivers in Kenya to adopt responsible, safe, and eco-friendly driving practices while providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills both locally and internationally in the finals. It also serves as a platform for Kenyan youth to become role models for their peers and the adults around them.  

Given the current global burden on road safety, where at least 1.34 million people die annually and another 20 to 50 million sustain injuries, young drivers have an essential role to play in promoting a positive road safety culture. The BYD Championship assesses drivers on their ability to handle both on-road challenges and emergencies.

 For Participants

  • Online theory road safety and driving tests.
  • Medical fitness to drive test.
  • Road traffi​c rules test.
  • Road signs Test.
  • Model town board tests.
  • Obstacle driving
  • Driving in an emergency