AAK Destinations is a subsidiary of AA Kenya PLC that specializes in providing authentic information to travelers worldwide.

Our Expertise and dedication has earned us invaluable reputation. Using the latest technology, we are able to make information accessible to clients at the click of a button.


To provide all-inclusive mobility solutions.


To be the trusted mobility solutions leader in Africa.





Customer Centricity



  AA Kenya Destinations Club

In the recent times Travel has become more valuable as travelers are now focusing more on Learning and building networks across the globe as they gather memories. 

We have created a community of travelers who enjoy not only networking and relationship building but numerous benefits that come with travel. We organize tours to different destinations at discounted rates for our club members. Our members have access to numerous hotels and airlines around the world that can be accessed directly with one’s Membership Card. As a member you will enjoy the service as well as special club rates.

Our members have unlimited Access to the Tourist Information Center. We have also prepared authentic information on various platforms in relation to destinations, culture and so much more that are freely accessible on signup. They also get up to 50% discount on selected services provided by our sister companies. Members also have the opportunity to share their travel stories in our bi-annual magazine. 

AA Kenya Tourist Information Hub

A AK Tourist information hub is a treasure trove for all information regarding travel and adventure. We share history, stories and tourist attractions. Information is also available on accommodation, the different options, price ranges as well as flight details. 

Over and above that we have an information desk where we offer advice on Visa application process for a number of countries, Health updates and other mandatory travel requirement. Here we also offer support on travel booking. We have set aside a premier lounge area for members to relax as they collect information as well as network with fellow travelers.

Our cinema room gives you an experience of a lifetime. Here you get to watch videos our travels to different destinations which give you a real feel of your anticipated travel. Inside, we have a travel accessories shop which is dedicated to providing Unique travel items. For the backpackers and over landers, we have a special corner for you where you get Maps and invaluable road information on your planned trip. A Training room is set aside where we teach basic travel tips as well as give guidance on the English Exams required for some visa applications.

  AA Kenya Tourist Information Platform 

We document our travel experience just for you. We have compiled videos of numerous destinations in the most original style that takes you through amazing experience and build your travel rush. 

We also have amazing tips on solo travel, group travel, business travel, travelling with children and much more. Our educational series provide a place where you get all information prior to travel and makes your trip hustle free.