Roadside Assistance

Free Roadside Assistance Services Countrywide

Always call AA Kenya Road Rescue Team whenever you need emergency road assistance. There is a wide network of branches all over Kenya.


Vehicle recovery services

It is not unusual for your vehicle to fall down in a ditch or get stuck in mud, particularly when the rainy seasons come. Just call AA Kenya for recovery. All the safety precautions are put in place during the whole process of recovery.


AA Kenya break down Services

The AA Kenya Road Rescue and Towing Services bear similarity to what is offered in other developed clubs within the FIA family. These services are available to members 24hrs a day including Sundays and public holidays. The towing and rescue vehicles are all fitted with a GPRS tracking system that ensures constant surveillance wherever the vehicles are deployed across the country which guarantees safety for both the towing and towed vehicle.  No wonder in recent months AA Kenya has been called upon to tow vehicles from as far as Laisamis, Moyale, and Elwak and even beyond the borders, from Arusha in Tanzania. Needless to say, some of the distressed calls for rescue are received in the wee hours of the night; AA Kenya takes action not only to tow the vehicle but also to ease the motorist’s tension that might be developing as a result of feeling insecure.

To many motorists, a car is a valuable asset and uttermost care should be taken while handling it. In response to this AA Kenya has invested in motor vehicle Ambulances which ensures vehicle’s integrity while in transit. The vehicle is pig-backed on to the ambulance as opposed to the traditional lift towing.

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