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Kenya is a unique tourist destination. No other place on earth offers the visitor so much to see and do: You will find savannahs filled with big game, rich cultures unchanged by the modern world, beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, not to mention our searing deserts and cool highland retreats. In short, endless opportunities for adventure, discovery and relaxation. No mattter what kind of travel experience you are looking for Kenya will offer you more than you would ever expect.

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For more information on tourism in Kenya we recommend you visit MagicalKenya.com, the official website of Kenya's Travel Board, which has been awarded the best Travel Board in Africa.

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The AA of Kenya was founded in 1919 by Lionel Douglas Galton Fenzi as the Royal East Africa Automobile Association. Its objectives and aims were to promote and safeguard the interests of motorists by providing information and advise about the purchase, maintenance and repair of vehicles, negotiating attractive insurance premiums, road mapping and the setting up of petrol depots.