Inspection of Motor Vehicle Components
a) Inspection of components is done when there is need to have an independent opinion regarding a particular failure. This could be as a result of accident or damage during repair
b) The components could include: Tyres, Engine, Suspension, Body damages, etc.

The cost of accessing these services:
• Brief inspection & valuation:
- Small cars up to less than 2 tonnes, e.g. pickup/trucks and tractorsKES 4,000/-
-VehiclesaAbove 2 tonnes to 5 tonnes –KES 4,500/-
- Heavy Commercial trailers/trucks (above 5 tons tare weight)-KES 5,500/-
- Motorcycle –KES 2,000/-

• Full Mechanical inspection & Valuation
- Cars and pickups less than 2 tonnes & tractors – KES 4,500/-
- Vehicles above 2 tonnes up to 5 tonnes–KES 6,000/-
- Vehicles above 5 tonnes –KES 6,500/-

• Inspection of small components e.g. tyres, engine and road testing, Checking if repair work recommended in a previous full Inspection is done satisfactorily –KES 4,500/-
• Roadworthiness inspection (For all vehicles) - KES 2,000/-
• Accident Assessment (For all vehicles)-KES 7,500/-
• Inspection following accident repairs (for which assessor’s report must be provided). Pre-accident /pre- fire /pre- theft valuation -KES 5,000/-
• Updating brief valuation to full mechanical inspection–KES 2,000/-
• Non-Standard equipment inspection; determined at request

*Note:All valuation services will attract Access Membership fee of Kshs 2000 for Non-Members.



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