Driving School

Learner Driver Course

AA is the market leader in Driving School in Kenya. For over 6 decades, we have set industry standards in this area, with an overall objective of inculcating a safe motoring culture across the country. AA Driving School is recognised by Government, International Organisations and Corporate Private Sector.

AA trains drivers for the following categories;

  • Motor Cycles (A2);
  • Saloon cars (B1, B2 and B3);
  • Endorsements on Trucks and Buses (C1 and D1);
Fresh Beginner A1/A2/A3(Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler) Ksh 5,780 Ksh 2,450 Ksh8,230
Endorsement A1/A2/A3(Motorbike/Courier/3 Wheeler) Ksh 4,080 Ksh 2,250 Ksh6,330
Fresh Beginner B1/B2(Saloon-Auto/Manual) Ksh 18,780 Ksh 2,450 Ksh21,230
Endorsement(PLV) B1/B2(Saloon-Auto/Manual) Ksh 10,780 Ksh 2,250 Ksh13,030
Endorsement C1/C2((Medium Trucks)) Ksh 12,780 Ksh 2,250 Ksh15,030
Endorsement D1/D2((PSV)) Ksh 12,780 Ksh 2,250 Ksh15,030

The drivers can either be;

  • Fresh learners ;
  • Learners seeking endorsement;
  • Licensed drivers seeking refresher lessons;

Refresher Driving Course

Refresher driving training will help one to become a better, safer and more confident driver. Relearning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself, your passengers and automatically to other road users.

CATEGORY DESCRIPTION REGULAR PREMIER Additional Regular Charges Additional Premier Charges
A Motorbike & Three Wheeler Ksh 5,500 Ksh11,000 Ksh 450 Ksh 900
B Light Vehicles Ksh10,000 Ksh20,000 Ksh 500 Ksh 1,000
C Light & Medium Trucks/Buses Ksh11,500 Ksh23,000 Ksh 600 Ksh 1,200

Accepted Payments Mode

call us on 0709933999 or 0709933000