AA of Kenya Driving School is the oldest in Kenya founded in 1962 and shares its expertise with other automobile clubs in Africa. The school is renowned and respected for its commitment to safe and responsible driving as well as its experienced competent and disciplined instructors all certified and licensed by the Government of Kenya. The AA training is recognised by Government, International Organisations and Corporate Private Sector. The AA Driving manual is an authoritative reference guide for learner and experienced drivers comprising of a comprehensive chart of modern road signs.

Learner Driver Course
This course is for beginners and is available in four categories:-
• Motor Cycle Riding Instruction - Category A- at a cost of KES 4,500/-
• Light Vehicle Driving Instruction – Category B- at a cost of KES 17,500/-
• Heavy Commercial Vehicle Driving Instruction – Category C- at a cost of KES 19,900/-
• Commercial Vehicles “PSV” Driving Instruction – Category D – at a cost of KES 11,500/-

Refresher Driver Course
Refresher driving training will help one to become a better, safer and more confident driver. Relearning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself, your passengers and automatically to other road users. It’s a quick, easy and useful way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from AA’s professional driving instructors. This increases confidence as many accidents are caused by indecisiveness. Driving safely and competently actually saves you money by avoiding wear and tear on the car which careless driving (e.g. clumsy gear changes, lack of knowledge of how the engine works) brings. Every driver would benefit from a Refresher Driving Course as we all develop their own driving styles and habits over time. All Refresher Courses are designed on an individual basis after assessment by our professional instructors.
The cost for a Refresher Driving Course is KES 10,000 for a minimum of fifteen (15) lessons



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