Vehicle Valuation & Inspection Services

Rest assured of the roadworthiness of any motor vehicle inspected by AA Kenya Technical Officers. Research reveals that 10% of all cars inspected have major faults, some of which can prove fatal. Our procedure includes thorough road test; detailed examination and a report issued within 24 hours giving you a stronger bargaining position if problems are detected.

Always consult AA Kenya for technical assessment of the vehicle that you want to buy or sell or and regularly consult our technicians for an assessment of your vehicle's performance.

Choosing a car to buy can be a hectic and stressful experience especially if you are purchasing a used car. For some, it is an outright gamble. AA Kenya performs out valuation/inspection on all types of motor vehicles including tractors and prime movers to ascertain the condition and value in relation to sale, purchase, insurance etc.

If you never gambled with your hard earned money, why gamble now?

Just appoint AA Kenya Experts to inspect and valuate the car for you before spending your money.

For a small fee, AA Kenya experts will inspect and answer nagging questions such as:

  • What is the mechanical condition of the car?
  • Are there any major defects requiring expensive fixing?
  • Are there signs of misuse or rough use?
  • Does the car betray an accident history?
  • Is the stated age and mileage genuine?
  • Is the car clean with respect to markings such as its log book, registration plates, chassis numbers, engine numbers etc?
  • What is the AA Kenya opinion of the car's value?

Road Test

The vehicle is done a brief road test in order to check the suspension, clutch, braking system performance, engine performance, transmission, and steering system. The engineer also gets the general feeling of the vehicle.

Pit Inspection

This is used to check amongst others, the front and rear suspension steering and under frame. Areas such as the chassis, under-floor panels, exhaust system, drive shaft boots, tie rod ends, control arms/ bushes, wishbones, ball joints, constant velocity joints, propeller shafts.

Body Exterior Inspection

To establish whether the vehicle had been involved in any previous accidents, quality of repair, paint work condition, rust and/or corrosion, lighting system, upholstery and general vehicle aesthetics. The windscreen and body mirrors are checked and identified as to whether they are heated or not.

Electrical /Controls

These include inspection of Electrical controls in the motor vehicle that control lights , mirrors, Heaters, Fans, windows, sun roof, wipers, washes etc

Interior Luggage Compartment

This is inspection of the interior of the motor vehicle, steering wheel adjustments, seat adjustments, seatbelts

Condition Of The Tyres And The Rims

The tyres are checked for wear cracks or whether they are weather beatenThe types of material and size of the rims are indicated.

Engine and chassis numbers are taken and compared with the logbook details

Supplementary road test

This is done after pit inspection. It aims at identifying the effects of bad components identified by the pit inspection on the general handling of the vehicle.

NOTE: Any respectable car seller will readily refer you to AA Kenya for verification and added insurance. A seller without integrity will hesitate!

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The AA of Kenya was founded in 1919 by Lionel Douglas Galton Fenzi as the Royal East Africa Automobile Association. Its objectives and aims were to promote and safeguard the interests of motorists by providing information and advise about the purchase, maintenance and repair of vehicles, negotiating attractive insurance premiums, road mapping and the setting up of petrol depots.