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Driving School

Register for our Driving school lessons at any of our branch offices and get to be taught by highly trained driving school instructors...Read more to Join Our Driving School


Valuation is a process of estimation of the worth of an asset in monetary terms, at a particular time for a specified purpose by a professional..Read more to Book for valuation


AA of Kenya Driving School is the oldest in Kenya founded in 1962 and shares its expertise with other automobile clubs in Africa. Thats why we have brought in the online Platform for you..Visit our E-Learning


This course is essential to all organisations that value road safety. Defensive Driving ensures maximum safety for employees, protection of company fleet and gives organizations the confidence that its employees have the required driving skills


The Automobile Association of Kenya (AA Kenya) Fleet Management Solutions guarantee clients comprehensive and customized services in managing costs and optimizing utilization of vehicles and generators.


Amongst our Pandora Box some of our other services and benefits include;

Touring Information

Kenya is a unique tourist destination. No other place on earth offers the visitor so much to see and do:

  • You will find savannahs filled with big game.
  • Rich cultures unchanged by the modern world.
  • Beautiful beaches.
  • Equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains.

For more information visit any of our Branch near you.

International Driving Permit

Many motorists may be faced with dilemma while travelling abroad. With scanty information on the traffic laws and requirements in the countries they are traveling to, many, albeit skilled drivers fear driving abroad.AA being the only authorized issuer of the International Driving Permits and Carnet de Passage (car passport) will guide you if you plan to drive while abroad.

AA Membership will give you access to motoring information as well as avail to you documents that make your driving in foreign territories easy.

One only needs to present the required documents to any AA office and is issued on the spot.

Carnet De Passage En Douane

The 'Carnet de Passage en Douane' (CPD) is an international customs document which covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles in foreign countries. The carnet is valid for either 3 or 12 months from the issue date and it allows the CPD holder to cross up to 25 borders depending on the individual validity of the CPD

This service is especially important for tourism, adventure, business travels, motor sports and study travels. This document is processed within 48 hours on receipt of the required documentation.

Driver Recruitment

AA Driver Recruitment Centre (DRC) links experienced and competent drivers with potential employers searching for drivers....Read more

  • The drivers enroll through an assessment test done at the branch level.
  • The details of the test together with aduly filledand signedapplication form are then forwarded to HQ DRC office.....Read more

The driver is contacted from the DRC office once his qualifications match those of the employer requesting for a driver and a placement is done....Read more on Driver Recruitment